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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visit Indonesia 2008 - Lake Toba

Lake Toba represent one of the biggest lake in world, and popular and biggest in Indonesia. That lake like ocean which broadness of is more or less 100 km x 30 km. In the middle of that lake, there is a big island, that is Island Samosir residing in at height 1000 metre of above sea level.

Pursuant to research from all Technological University researcher of Michigan, United States, in location of Lake Toba, at a period of/to last 75.500 year, have been happened by a awful eruption the most annihilating human being, animal and plant. That eruption vomit the stoney and dusty of voulcanic till as far as 2.000km3. Direction vomit the eruption generate the darkness till two week of is the duration. Impact from eruption is form of a crater have big fire to, what in process of time the cauldron loaded by the water which is finally formed by a big lake, that is Lake Toba. Concerning existence of Island Samosir, that is formed to be resulted from by a magma pressure continuously which not yet gone out from earth stomach.


Beauty of Lake Toba very marvellous. That lake is encircled by hilly, so that atmosphere of around lake felt balmy, its air is cold and fresh. All visitor can enjoy the beauty of lake Toba by swimming or renting speed boat, circuit around lake. In evening, visitor can enjoy the atmosphere yag more calm with the sunlight view embeded which so respect.

In the middle of Lake Toba, that is in Island Samosir of there are popular object tourist area nature, namely lake of above lake (Lake of Sidihoni and Lake of Aek Natonang); object of tourist area history in resting place of King Sidabutar in Countryside Tomok; and tourist area architecture in the form of traditional komplek house of Batak Toba Samosir. In Parapat, all visitor which wish to visit the Island Samosir can board the transportation of ferry which is each; every a hour go to the Countryside Tomok, Samosir.


Location of Lake Toba reside in at three sub-province, that is Sub-Province Simalungun, Sub-Province of Parapat and sub-province Ambarita, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Access to Go to Location.
To reach the location tourist area, visitor can pass the route of Town Medan-Parapat atau pass the route Medan-Berastagi aparting the more or less 176 km with the time go through more or less four hour with the wheel vehicle two or four.

Legend of lake Toba of folklore version
A young man impecunious orphan. He remain alone in very dry Island Sumatra upstate. He live by farming and fishing fish.

One day, he fish and get the bizzare capture fish. That fish is big and very beautiful. Its colour is golden. He then release its fishing rod and hold that fish. But moment touched his arms, that fish turn into a beautiful putri! In the reality he is fish which is being cursed by all deity of because have impinged a prohibition order. Have letter, if he is touched by a hand, he will metamorphose to become like creature of what touching it. Because he is touched by human being, hence he also turn into human being.

That young man then propose marriage to the that putri fish. that Putri Fish is its head nod is sign ready.

“ But I have one request, kakanda.” he said.

“ I ready to become the wife kakanda, so long as kakanda will take care of my secret that I come from a fish.”

“ Well, Adinda. I will take care of that secret.” that young man word.

Finally they marry and bestowed by a humorous men baby. But when bolting big, the this Child always feel hungry. Although have many eat which enter the his mouth, he have never feel full.
One day, because so its peckish, he eat all food of exist in desk, including quota eat both its old fellow. Come home from farm, his father is hungry discover the empty desk nothing; there is no food, fulminate its liver. Because peckish and cannot take a grip on, go out its words is harsh.

“ base of Child of fish clan!”

He do not realize, with its utterance, meaning he have opened the its wife secret. At once, wife and its child lose occultly. He become sorrowful and very penitent to the its deed. But rice have become the mush. He have never can meet to return with the wife and and also its child that loved. In land; ground of is ex- wife stepping and its child, sudden there is wellspring spurt. Its water is big more and more. Sometime later become the lake. This lake later;then we recognize hitherto as Lake Toba.

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