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Friday, May 2, 2008

Shopping Festival In Surabaya

Surabaya Shopping Festival (SSF) is an event of town promotion in the form of party discounted in commercial sector & service. Performed in order to greeting & toning up cay commemoration become the town Surabaya 715th. SSF continue & improving the quality of activity “ Surabaya Big Sale” previous have been done, so that its existence progressively can be felt by Surabaya people and also outside Surabaya.

Opening SSF will be performed in public square Tunjungan, 1 May 2008. As opener events, marked with the fireworks by each Mall / public square concurrently. Party discount this cover the commercial sector and service of during May month 2008.

SSF supported by a number of Tenant Mall / public square, Hotel & Restaurant, Beauty Salon & SPA, Hospital. Toned up by various present withdraw from various participant and also especial present equal to 500 Million Rupiah dedicated by Bank Mandiri.

Let us enliven the SSF 2008, exploiting party discounted by during one month full... There's only in Surabaya...

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