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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Majapahit Travel Fair 2008

Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF) has successfully become the most excellent platform for networking and establishing business contacts in the province. It is annually held with the main objective of providing business opportunities for the travel and tourism industry to market East Java's tourist attractions, hotels, natural surroundings and culture to both domestic and international tour operators. The major activities of this event include a "Table-Top Business Meeting" between the buyers and sellers (Travex), a half-day Workshop, tourism photo exhibition and the actual Exhibition itself where the sellers display their products and services. MTF this year coincides with the Indonesian Government promotion "Visit Indonesia Year 2008" expecting the target of 7 million foreign visitors to Indonesia. MTF is not only the an international tourism business forum but also becomes a significant promotion event as the government invites international visitors to enjoy a hundred attractive events all year round to celebrate 100 years of National Awakening. This will give all delegates a chance to not only discover the exciting tourism destinations, but also truly experience the atmosphere and hospitality, East Java has to offer. MTF 2008 will be held on May 21 -25 2008, at the Exhibition Hall, Gramedia Expo Surabaya, and the Ballroom of Sheraton Hotel Surabaya with the theme "Experiencing Festive Celebrations of The Year".

This will be our 9th Annual MTF and promise to be the most interactive than ever. MTF always achieves a great success. Last year's participants amounted to 82 buyers (domestic and overseas) and 59 sellers participating in the Table-Top Business Meeting. The buyers were mainly from Malaysia, China, Singapore, Siingapore and Hongkong.

The Travel Exchange is a closed business meeting with a Table-Top format between Buyers and Sellers of the travel and tourism industry. This one-day program is based on the appointment schedule arranged by the MTF Organizing Committee. The buyers taking part in this meeting are international and national tour operators who are currently marketing East Java or Indonesia and those who would like to obtain more information on our region to start promoting our market. The sellers are mostly delegates from East Java's tourism related industries with some delegates also attending from other destinations in Indonesia.

The Exhibitors are travel operators and tourism destination representatives from East Java and other destinations in Indonesia. It is open for the public from May 21 - 25, 2008. The Expo venue will be located at the Gramedia Expo, the newest exhibition hall in the city.

At the Workshop, reputable tourism professionals from Indonesia will share their experience and expertise with an interactive audience. The Sellers, Exhibitors, Managers of Tourist Attractions, Government Tourist Officials, dance companies, conservators university students and the public will attend this workshop. The workshop will feature qualified speakers on current issues in tourism in the global era.